Memorial website in the memory of your loved one

"For He shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways."

  Katie Marie,love you! 


Theme music for this webpage is  the Prague Symphony Orchestra with the piece  ''Cantina'' from the movie and soundtrack,''The Deer Hunter''.  Nicholas loved this sensitive,moving tune portraying the love of a young couple caught up in the harsh realities of Vietnam.  The setting of the movie isalso   the Pennsyvania steelmills and how the young people of the town are each transformed by the urban change and war

Precious SON

God, I know you gave your precious Son
To give us life with You.
But I didn’t want my son to leave,
Cause he was precious too.



Nicholas' miniature museum includes diecast cars featuring all drivers on the Winston and Nextel Cup circuits. Posters,pictures,books,and many things too numerous to mention round out his wise investment in,love for, and knowledge of the sport OF stock car racing.

"He was standing there by the car waving and grinning like a happy kid as we drove off to return 
home. It was the last time I saw him.  Of course he was dressed in his signature black and red Earnhardt Goodwrench shirt and hat with the bill
turned not nearly as low as usual so I could see his laughing eyes
and watch  his silly faced clowning  as the distance  made him smaller.For one brief moment I caught his stillness as he gazed 
at us beyond the horizon."

Nicholas explaining 'racing ' continued.
With much enjoyment Nick spoke of the various tracks and their reputations.  ''Daytona, Bristol, or
Darlington brings differing 'braggin rights''.  He spoke of 'Jr.wants a go at the Lady in Black',  Burton took home the grandfather clock at Martinsville, or Jeff Gordon has the Brickyard 'gold'.       
How sweet Nick's memory, still.
But death has left a lonliness
The world can never fill.

Every day, in some small way,
Memories of you come our way
Though absent,you're ever near,
Still missed,still loved, and So dear.



Nick and Jenny

  Someone out there knows something about this.  Contact state police or the McCarty's.  You may not have been interviewed by police but your information is vital!
  You may not have known until reading this that you have something to report.  Nothing is too small!  

A couple in their pleasure boat  was cruising up the river when the lady spotted what she took to be a 'body'.  She was prepared to bravely take a second look when it was decided that the couple would  travel to the "River Cafe"and  report what they had just seen.
Mysteriously, or maybe not so mysteriously ,a state trooper was poking  in the vegetation along this stretch of the river bank and was picked up and taken to the  body.
  From the time the body had been discovered till the rescue was achieved it had floated downstream somewhat due to the pickup of the current,   Lonnie of the cafe once again enters the story,  He was near Nick,helping in any way he could before and during the rescue.  One of Nick's arms and hand  was out of the water in a slightly bent position while his face was pointing skyward.
The time was 5pm Tuesday, June 7,2005.  Simeon Nicholas had been found .  

   In the summer of 1980 you would have found Nicholas at the local YMCA getting started with his sports pursuits.  After seeing a segment on 60Minutes about early childhood development  and learning we were consulting with instructors about swimming lessons.  
  The Y was not comfortable with the concept at that time so we waited about a year for formal lessons.   At  the age of  around 3 and a half he fell in love  with swimming.  In short time he acheived in swimming.   He was the youngest to compete in the Frankfort swim team.  He has many trophies, ribbons, plaques, certificates, pictures, jackets, personalized swimwear and now fading newspaper articles in his house today  that came from this unique period of his


Nicholas was a young tap & ballet dancer under Miss Amy Rogers at Capitol Dance Studio.  There were not many males in the classes and shows  So Nick landed plum roles such as THE LITTLE DANCERS and WC FIELDS AND HIS CHICKADEES, where he danced and wooed a bevy of young beauties.



He must have liked the pull and stretch of dance so now he took to gymnastics well.  Trampoline was his forte.  Just about every night was spent at the Y.
He had lessons, school,and travel competition for the swim team on many weekends.

Nick has the distinction of being the youngest allowed in the local men's health club and sauna.  The  locker room  was off limits to kids but not the sports rat himself!  Nick was in there flicking towels with the biggest and best of them.  Everyone seemed to like him and treat him as if he were older.   In the men's sauna Mr. Monday yelled,"He is going to melt or dehydrate!"     Nick remained scrooched next to his dad without saying a word while the guys poured on the coals.   He only came out to jump in the pool,join a quick game, or demonstrate a gymnastics move to a class.   Many thanks and much love go to Tim Bowers,Eddy Smith, and Monroe Monday.  Tear-filled and heartfelt  appreciation to the coaches and others who loved Nick.  Ron Banks was a great gentleman, role model ,and friend.   Tim was a photographer and swimming coach.  He spent time with Nick taking pics of him  in and around the pool.

  Nicholas excelled in soccer and has many trophies to prove it.  His team went to the Bluegrass Games  twice.    Nick was interested in football so Sim assured him  that his ballet training would come in handy.  He never said, but a few years before some kid had probably said something because he took off his sweaty old purple dance shirt to never wear it again.

  The football was in now along with basketball that he learned while playing with grownups at the YMCA and pickup games on school lots.  He was feisty and tenacious without fear!  Just as he rode his 3-wheeler, he put his all into football, soccer, and basketball.  He played with his teams over the years, won individual  competitions for  shooting, attended many training camps such as ROY BOWLING SUMMER Training. 

The multi-colored certificates are there in his room today.  The frayed, yellowing scrapbooks are there that contain all the clippings of his friends, heroes,and his personal triumphs.

At the time of his disappearance Nick was assumed to  be with the two people he had ridden with and supposedly was to have shared the Saturday evening, Matthew Robinson and Chad Hupp.   They told authorities they had gone to a pub,The Dragon, 

around 10:30 that evening. 
This is where the tale goes awry.  The place is small with wall to wall elbows and hips sticking out in the pathways that wind their way through to the back door and an upper room with a deck  where customers participate from time to time ,in karoake performances.  One has only to check the local newspaper, The State Journal,  to get a first hand accounting of the mood of South Frankfortonians toward the caterwalling invading their bedrooms in the middle of the night .  That is not to suggest that bad singing ever killed anyone .Joining  childhood friend  Chad Hupp, the three sat at a table together.  For a while. 

Nick had gone earlier in the evening ,about 9 or 9:30 to his friend's house, Matt .   The Robinson's were  present and have reported nothing out of the ordinary as Matt dressed and left wih Nick.  The two drove in Matt's car and were meeting a second friend,Chad Hupp. They were together for the Saturday night
 and a renewal of their friendship.

Mom, Dad, Baby Nick, and Brother Bradley
To Be Absent  From the Body is to Be 
Present  with the Lord                                      

"Open the pages of Scriptures, and there is a Rustle of Angels." 



      Nick would rather off-handedly point to the welcome signs at the edge of town and say he had been there that day or recent... planting shrubs and 
flowers or mowing .  We would ooh and ah and crack gentle jokes.  


He did all kinds of work here: meeting up with various animals,  marking ball fields with chALK lines, cultivating,sowing seed,landscaping, driving a thing called a "gator" everyday, and maintaining the various delicate fields and
trails.  Nicholas loved his job and his co-


We Light A Candle

We light a candle for you today,
So that your death may light our way.
You left your life behind too soon,
Now your light shines by the moon.
A star,an angel you were meant to be,
No longer able to stay with me.
God called you back but you left so much;
You'll never know the lives you've touched.
A child's life gone by too fast,
The memories left are built to last.
So as the candle's light shines through,
We'll remember those we once knew.
Nicholas was  bubbling over on the night before when he told us how this reuniting with his buddy meant so much to him.  He also said  it couldn't come at a better time.
  Matt had been mad at Nick for several months.  Nick had then called Matt's answering machine,went to his house,left notes at his house and on his car.  This had gone on eight months without a return call . Nick had about decided to let it go.  He seemed comfortable enough with that decision.

Mom,  Brother Brad, Nick, and Maw Maw.  Nick and Brad were very close.

We Love You Forever Nick!

Dark,  dark water,deep in the night
We deny you as much as we might
You were our son's last sight
As he lay dying, before dawn's light.

Dark,dark water, deep in the night
Where  do you get the right
To take our deepest love, so bright
And kill him, without a way to fight.

The reflection of light in the distance
Shows a town that gave no assistence
Dark water was given no resistence
When he laid down his last existence.

O how can life be with you
Woeful,lacking, sorry two
You allowed this madness to ensue
For to your friend you were untrue.

He was better than all of you
An Adonis, a king,a great champion too
The likes of him come along,so few.
Eons will pass with not a similar view.

When the shadows were erased
From the curves of his beautiful face
His eyes were looking into heaven's grace.
Seldom, if ever, has this been the case.

One sinewy and work-tanned arm
One hand that had given a basketball charm
Out of the water to sound a last alarm
Dark water alone didn't cause my  harm!

Dark,dark water,deep in the night
We'll probe your mysteries to their height
Question even the birds in flight
Ask of that June moon to give no slight

This  poem was written by Nancy McCarty
for her dear son, Simeon Nicholas

Nick loved my Southwestern decoration,especially the skulls!

Nick's beloved Siberian Huskie, Hannah.  Sadly, she passed just three weeks after our Nick did.  Now they are romping together in paradise.

angel wings bars

angel wings bars

Nick's pride and joy was his red Chevy S-10 pick-up truck. He spent a lot of time working on it.

Nick was a huge Nascar fan.  He collected diecasts and other memorabilia from his favorite teams which included Dale Earhnardt, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Kevin Harvick, and Bill Elliott.  His collections are still proudly displayed in his room.

Nick was also an Elvis fan and a very good Elvis 
impersonator.  He entertained family, friends and many locals complete with wig, costume, karate stage moves, and vocals to My Way, Viva Las Vegas, and the last song he sang to his daddy- Don't Cry Daddy

We do not know what happened to NICHOLAS.  We know that from Sunday morning June 5th till Tuesday afternoon at 5:00 he was agonizingly missing ..His badly decomposed body was found like so much garbage,floating face-up,near the busy downtown area between the world-famous  'Singing Bridge' and its counterpart,,the Capitol Bridge that leads thousands of tourists across to old south Frankfort, her stately capitol building,and the Governor's Mansion..  Thousands of homes dot the landscape along the banks of the historic Kentucky River.
Perhaps one person in one of those homes heard or saw something that night of the 4th and early morning hours of the 5th of June, 2005?  Something out of the ordinary? Sounds that disturbed your sleep or interrupted your rest.  Perhaps there were screams or angry voices that briefly pierced the balmy Kentucky night.  All or each wrapped in the misguided but understandable safety of sleepy Frankfort and its nostalgic environs.
The night was heightened with the Frankfort Capitol Expo winding to a halt within a couple of blocks.  Maybe you just thought  the odd sound you heard was something to do with this  annual event..,,
The 'town within a town',the bustling river boats and homes,beautifully moored there in the harbor-----------maybe another of your residents saw or heard something that you had never put together to be the suffering and dying of a young man.  
The man's name is Nicholas McCarty...gone into the
darkness of that closing of the Expo night six long months ago.....
There were unaccounted for screams and shouts  heard by witnesses  on the river . 
A couple of men were sitting on the dock after closing their "River Cafe".  The night was quiet and the water calm.  The two men were relaxing  there when they heard shouting and screams followed by a splash in the water .
These men are veteran river dwellers.  This incident startled them  and was out of the ordinary enough to cause them to jump in their jon boat and head toward the sounds of the screams and splash they had just heard.  They turned on the boats' trolling lights and used flashlights to search carefully going 'up' one side of the river and sweeping the dark waters along the opposite bank coming back down the river.  The men were surprised and puzzled when they found nothing.  They felt strongly  about this so they confirmed the time of the splash to be 1:15AM. Saturday, June5,2005.
Newspaper and the media had alerted the public about the ''missing man".  Nick's family  members Susan, Jenny, Patty,Zack and his concerned brother Bradley were driving to downtown  Frankfort to wallpaper the area with the flyers made by his Aunt Melissa Brown, bearing Nick's picture and asking:  "Have you seen this man?"
The newspaper accounts of the "MISSING MAN" had him last seen and disappearing from the near area.  The men at the cafe felt beyond doubt that the disturbance they  had witnessed had something to do with the missing man. The men told their story to the police and Nick's parents exactly the same with undeterred conviction and fervor.  They are strong witnesses.  
Trooper Morris said of the two's story: "They didn't know too well."  Morris either meant ,the pair didn't know their story too well or the police 'didn't know too well'. This writer has been puzzled at police reaction.
 To Lonnie and his nephew  , the sounds, without hesitation, were Nicholas!
  Nick's body  came up within the small area the men had gone to that night. It is adjacent to a pub Nick had visited late that Saturday evening till early Sunday.
  Rescuers  tell us that we are lucky to get this much closure.  Currents could have swirled his body out to the Ohio, linking up with the oceans never to be seen again!                                  


Eternal Flame Made By: De Als Memorials
A candle signifies life and light and so the burning of a
cande brings life and light to Nicholas' memory and to the
hearts of those who care about him.
Thank you Jenny,Sandy,and Bradley for lighting candles on
behalf of Nick,your family member. Thank you to our beloved ''Memory of''' family who have loved Nick.,


Sim was a man nobody can replace… at least not in my heart. We married in 1970. Yes, those years were not all that happy. What we had was not a perfect marriage but as people say…Sim and I were perfect for each other and we were! With our union, we gave life to two beautiful children. Sim was a disciplinarian. He was strict but not stiff and he loved our kids so much. Our kids loved him tremendously because Sim never feared showing his emotions towards them, towards me or to just about anyone he loved. He was indeed affectionate and was not a man of few words at all! Sim had lots to say for just about anything. Anyone who ever had the chance to talk to him would say, he indeed had lots of things in his mind. I guess you can say Sim was “opinionated”.

I still remember one conversation I had with him. We were talking about our kids. About how we wanted to see them grow up. He had lots of dreams for them. Sim was a proud father. He was the type of father who would flaunt his kids to his friends and his friends loved our kids too of course. Sim dreamed big. He wanted our kids to grow up wise, God fearing, respectful and successful people.

I know Sim will flaunt about our children with everyone in heaven. In fact, I am sure of that.

Sim lived his life the best way he could. He never had enemies nor did he step on anyone. Sim was well loved and I guess seeing everyone here right now, having this big a crowd at his memorial only proves that indeed Sim was and is well loved. How could he not be? He was such a kind soul. The type of person you can’t get enough of. Well, at least I think of him that way. I married him, didn’t I? If I could live all over again and would go back to the time when Sim asked me to marry him, even for a million times all over I would still say yes! Marrying him was the best decision I ever made in my life and I would not chang . That’s how much I love my husband… That’s how much I will keep on loving him.

Sim is in heaven now. He’s with his parents,Nicholas .Buck,and other friends , I’m sure he is happy there because in heaven there is peace. Sim had no unfinished business here and he was ready when God took him to be with Him in His kingdom. We were not all prepared when that day came. We sadly were able to say our goodbyes and somehow, letting him go was not so painful knowing that he was at peace and he was happy in the days before he died.

Sim,I know we will see each other again. I would feel your warm embrace again and our souls will unite for an eternity together in heaven. In the meantime, please do guide us as we live our life here on earth. Do watch over Bradley and me and do protect us from harm. Sim,you will always be remembered and you will always live in our hearts for as long as we live. I love you so much.


always ''our Nick"
"January...February..,....2008, Nicholas. So cold, so crisp,so
leafless.Days and hours defineless without you. A new beg
-inning,son. Sometimes
new is painful,as these three new years' have proven."
"January is the month of resolutions also, my sweet.
The only resolution Sim,Nancy,and Bradley must make
is to live without you. What a profound sadness that is!
To love you so deeply, so passionately, so completely,only
to have us part."
This child whom I have loved so much
is nowhere close where I can touch.
Sometimes while driving in our car
I try to see into distances afar.
I shut my eyes and shake my head
Give in to the sickening dread.
"Nicholas,did I ever tell you how much I loved you? I've
wondered. Did I ever tell you how much your life has meant
to us? Did your family express to you what an awesome
blessing it was for you to join and complete the McCarty's?
We were honored like royalty and didn't recognize our great-
ness. Somehow we just arrogantly believed that time goes on
forever. It does. You could not.
My beautiful boy.did we as a family,Daddy,Mom,and Bradley
ever look around with you and see how entirely too brief some lives can be? Did we talk about our own end and what
each could mean for you? I think not. Death is reserved for
others. You were not supposed to die. How could you have
disappointed us? Didn't you know that I had plans for you?You had a lot of years to be my baby son? Didn't you realize
that Daddy could hardly bear each day in that lonely house without you? Bradley cannot accepT his little brother's leaving, but what choice has he left? Can he keep out the songs the two of you
listened to together? Can he bear to hear the sound of your voice.once so loud in his relentlessly fading
across the years?
This son and brother we have loved so much
Is nowhere close where we can touch.
That in itself is a terrible feeling;
It keeps our hearts broken and emotions reeling.
''How,I ask,could you disappoint me? Did I ever stop to think how I disappointed you?How my
grave mistakes and bitter failures disrupted your young life and clouded your sweet innocence forever?. I didn't dare talk to you of life and death because I was precariously holding on to my life, scared of dying, and afraid of facing my own mortality... How cruel life was using
you to prove to me that we do indeed come to an end."
I look at his picture and it's hard to believe that
This is all the older he will ever be.
Those dimpled cheeks will remain the same
Our long talks forever to digest and retain.
''I don't want to accept your death,son ....and never it's
circumstances. Have you any idea how angry this
makes me? My hands are tied, keeping me from
saving the most precious and dear accomplishment of my life-----my child! "Sim is consumed with doubts and questions . "If I had dominated and demanded correctness and truth throughout his life---If I had taught healthy life choices he wouldn't have found himself in a position to die that night.When he didn't come home at a reasonable time why didn't I go looking for him? He had never stayed away a regular day or night in his life."
"Son, I shout across the face of eternity, "I'm sorry!! I love you!"
No daughter-in-law will ever be mine,
No grandchildren from him to take up my time.
Happy New Year I can't say;
Missing you so much from day-to-day
My son should be here
To celebrate this brand new year
But since the McCarty's are bereaved
This is a fact that will never be.....
"Sweet man Nick, you know what mama likes best? When I'm given little
tidbits of your life by those who knew you and loved you.What a bitter-
sweet delight! Each piece of this family's jigsaw puzzle life will eventually fit together.You will be the only missing piece."
Children's Memorial Garden
Cove Spring Park
Brick Dedication
November 3,2007
9:00 A.M
Please join us for the program
The following bricks will be dedicated

Robin Lee Barker Journay

Phillip W. Bates

Chris Simpson

Melissa EggenMansfield

My Guardian Angel

David kent Richards

Simeon Nicholas McCarty

Remy Charles Okonkwo

Allen Scott Dennis

Chari Christine Scrifes

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!
July 25
This memorial was created for our beloved son,SIMEON NICHOLAS MCCARTY.We will love and remember him forever. Feel free to light a candle or leave a tribute. Come back any time and thanks for visiting.
Nick offer s this simple prayer as you enter his site, given by Jesus,it is the salvation prayer, "God I recognize I have not lived my life for You up until now. I have lived only to please myself. I need and want You
in my life. I acknowledge the completed work Your Son did for me on
the cross. I long for the forgiveness You have made so freely available.
Asking this in Your holy name.'' Amen

Family Tree 


This is indeed a sad day for all of us. We have lost such a great person. I think sharing our grief would help us ease our burdens.

My brother may have meant something to each and every one of you, personally, he was my best friend. I remember when we were in school he often got into fights because of me. People used to tease me and he didn’t want to see me get hurt so he tried to protect me. He is also the only person I could confide in. I could talk to him about anything because he never judged or scolded me. He always has some great advice ready for me. He had this trait where he could always turn a dull party around.

My brother was such a character. He knew how to be serious at times and he also knew when to joke around. As a friend he was also very dear. He always found time to be with his friends. He was a very loyal and kind friend. He was also very polite; he was the kind of man who always opened doors for ladies. He could be very immature at times but that’s just because he was still a child inside a young man’s body.

I know my brother left lots of things undone and others that he never had a chance to start. But I promise I will continue what he has started and hopefully fulfill his dreams for him. This is just my small way of saying thank you for everything he did for me.

I remember one of our last talk together, we talked about death and how our funerals should be. My brother didn’t like to see people cry, especially his family. We only talked about this as a joke and now I realize why he mentioned it. He told me he wanted to have rides at his funeral or anything that would make people happy. I jokingly answered him that I could easily arrange for it but I’d have to face mom’s wrath. He just answered “that’ll no longer be my problem”. That talk happened just last month.

Let’s just be thankful for all the special moments that my brother has left us. And with that, I hope that my brother will continue to live on within our hearts and minds.


Though life is not as it was before,
And never will be again,
Our memories are much richer
Than if love had never been.''





Nicholas: ''On Remembering Me!''
"When you remember me, it means that you have carried something of who I am with you, that I have left some mark of who I am on who you are...It means that you can summon me back to your mind even though countless years and miles may stand between us.  It means that if we meet again,you will know me and hear my voice and speak to me in your heart.  For as long as you remember me,I am not entirely lost."
theologian Fred Buechner

Nicholas is beautiful .
''All who have been touched by beauty are touched by sorrow at its passing."
louise Cordana
Memory is a way of holding onto you,Nicholas, the things you and I are,and things about you  I never want to lose.                                            
''God must have realized that humans need to be connected with the past; so we were given memories.''

If tears could build a stairway,
And memories were a lane,
We would walk right up to heaven
To bring you home again.

No farewell words were spoken,
No time to say goodbye,
You were gone before we knew it,
And only God knows why.

Our hearts still ache in sadness,
And secret tears still flow.
What it meant to lose you --
No one can ever know.

But now we know you want us 
To mourn for you no more.
To remember all the happy times,
Life still has much in store.

Since you'll never be forgotten,
We pledge to you today - 
A hallowed place within our hearts
Is where you'll always be. 

Author unknown


Kentucky-----------15th state to join the Union of  the U.S.
 The new baby's ancestors were always citizens of "Ole Ken-tah-ten, "the Iroquoion word meaning 'land of tomorrow'.  The Commonwealth, formed in
1792 is nicknamed the ''Bluegrass'' state because bluegrass is present in most lawns and pastures. It's amazing how this looks from the sky.               Kentucky's land has an eeriely deep  blue hue .                              
Crossing statelines is as noticeable as 'can be' due to moving from a green landscape to seemingly laid out blue squares of deep lush.                            
Kentucky is located in the southern part of the United States included, geographically,sometimes in the Midwest.
''Bluegrass denotes not only the color of the grass but one of the seven regions into which the state is divided. Along with the regions the state is further divided into 120 counties; third behind Texas and Georgia in number of counties.  Being the largest region, the Bluegrass also contains the 'seat of government', Frankfort, so named for an early pioneer, Stephen Frank, who was killed by attacking Indians at a  ford in the river where Nicholas was found.  The crossing  was known as Frank's ford,thus we have  the town situated on a double curve in the  river,Population: 26,000. The capital is at the center of the Bluegrass in Franklin County, getting it's name after early incentor/politco, Benjamin Franklin.
The population is 48,000. 
Franklin County likes to say it has something for everyone from the covered bridge at Switzer to the magnificent marbled beauty of its architecture in the old and new historic buildings.  Sorry  to say for our family and friends  the area  where  Nicholas was found, the Kentucky River ,is noted for natural beauty.  I will never see it that way again.  But, of course we don't know how he got in the river or even how he got TO the river.  The area is shallow along the banks causing a person to  have to walk far out ,maneuvering past old refrigerators and tall weeds to get to a deeper part.
One of the state's  beautiful parks is at river's edge,down the hill from the federal buildings;
 providing the most scenic view of the river and is the quest of nature lovers from all over the world.
nature lovers from all over the world.  This is where  Nick worked.He had been there 3 years.
  It is 150 acres of prime ground just off the East-West Connnector at Glenn's Creek Road.  You can walk from downtown Frankfort to picnic, catch a
 baseball game,hike,or ride your bike. The park has two basketball courts,4 softball fields, a football field,2 soccer fields, a volleyball  court ,playground, shelters with restrooms,and picnic facilities.  There are major off -track bicycle and nature trails.          Nicholas tended these various delicate fields.  He worked the irrigation pipes,moved in rocks or soil

             and did planting and taking      care  of                                          
                                                     flowers,grass,using all kinds of equipment.. 

He soon came to relish
the lovely,green sprawling,neatly-clipped
athletic facility, 
            He became known for his loving work 
and mature concern.  It was said at his mem-          orial service that Nick  would  be up                             early   everyday tending the
 beautiful fields and gardens of Heaven. 

 This is the county and town where Simeon Nicholas McCarty was born and,flourished with many talents.  Along with Nich-
olas' noterity and beauty some of his famous neighbors are Mu-
hummad Ali, Vice President Barkley,Kit Carson ,Rosemary Cloo-
ney, Loretta Lynn,Patricia Neal, and  Diane Sawyer.
Whether he knew it or not Nicholas  ushered in the era of the ''Yuppy''.  Baby Elizabeth,the first test tube  baby is Nick's age.  Jennifer Love Hewitt and Kate Hudson,along with Aaliyah,Norah Jones,and personal Nick girl-singer favorite,''PINK''  share his birth month and year.  Mad Max and the shoes,''Yo-Yo's were also born,July of '79.  John Wayne, Conrad Hilton,and Richard Rodgers died.
Nicholas was very cognizant of Kentucky's penchant
for thoroughbred horses,horse racing,bourbon
whiskey,bluegrass music,coal,and college bas-
Nicholas and his friends never joined the "horsey" crowd but he   was modernately  in-
terested every year in Churchill Down's   Derby fare.    

The basketball and all sports were a different matter to him.  He was good at everything  he tried.  In addition to organized sports,he liked three-wheeling, roller-skating, and video games.                     
He was a fast runner for all of his teams including the softball he  played for three seasons.                                            
  He remained serious about his game , even his uniform and the set of his cap.               
Nicholas' records and awards will be compiled in another section of this memorial.            


'SIMEON', Symeon ( BOTH SIMON) IS A BIBLE NAME THAT HAS BEEN PASSED FOR GENERATIONS IN HIS FATHER'S FAMILY. HE IS A 'SIM' TOO.  SIMEON WAS THE JEWISH second son of Jacob and Leah .  Simeon was  the southernmost tribe of of the 12 of the Jewish people.  Other sightings of Simeon are :  the devout man 
who blessed Jesus when He was presented in the Jerusalem Temple.  
Simeon Niger,15th chapter of Acts,was  a prominent,early Antioch Christian.
Rumor has it that Simeon was recruited to help Jesus carry the Cross but this scribe could find no information to either confirm nor deny.
The word in Hebrew means ''hearkening'',''list-ening''.  There was Simeon The Righteous.  The name is enterchangable with Simon who was famous asThe Apostle Peter...Simon Peter

'''The pain of our grief of losing Nick is just as much a  part of life as the joy of loving him;  it is perhaps the price we pay for that most intense love."
When we are so sorrowful we look again in our hearts  and we see that in truth we are weeping for that which has been our delight."   What sad irony.      
    From "The Prophet"

Kahil Gibran
Easter 2007.  I have awakened most of the 
last 25 years on an Easter morning and thought
about the basket I had hidden with eggs , a chocolate bunny ,some money, and candies ."  Then I'd watched with joy as little hands ,and later big hands, reached for the goodies.  It is etched in memory,sitting, waiting for a time to be brought to remembrance...  He was grown then,but at 25.he is forever.............frozen in time.  The baskets 
are now gone.  The children of that time now have children and they go on their way in life
,except one,who is forever frozen in  time.  There are the clothes that are never to be worn
by one gone from my sight.  The waking hour
of this EASTER morn is different. No sounds of joy from any little or big voices from him or his children will ever be heard.                         
He was grown ,too old for some childish   things but too young to give it qll up!         
  I wanted forever for him to be here ,my child,and enjoy the wonders of this day  .  But he is gone, forever frozen in time.....

"Nicholas ! Nicholas! Bo Bicholas!
Banana, Fana, Fo-Ficholas!
Fee Fi Mo- Micholas!"

''We little knew that Sunday morning
That God was going to call your name.
Dad,Bradley,Buck, MeMe,
Aunt Patty and I were waiting on Tuesday,
loving you dearly....At 5:pm  we loved you 
the same.
It broke our hearts!
We wanted to walk those river banks and 
go in that water, to not let you go alone,
The time God called you home.
Our family chain is broken and God calls us
one by one.......The chain will link again.
I LOOKED  FOR SOMETHING in the bottom of the closet
after he was gone.
AndI found a rubber ball;a beach ball type....
I couldn't let the air out of it.
It's HIS breath in there.

RAINBOWS beautify the world for a few brief moments.
These moments are spectacular.
You, Simeon Nicholas McCarty
were my brief rainbow.

You  entered my life
And stayed but for a short while 
Nontheless,the memories of those moments
When you blessed us with laughter and delight.

JOYS and smiles,charm and handsomeness,
Gaiety and happiness
Mischief and stillness,sunlight and moonbeams
Nascar and baseball.

Make the horror, the tears of pain and anger,
Helplessness and fear,insanity and agony,
Sadness and heartbreak,emptiness and lonliness

Rainbows,however brief
Make the world a brighter,lovelier place.
How grateful I am that I HAD YOU,NICK
My brief rainbow.

1 million people or 1 in 3 U.S. adults are Nascar fans. In '98 the profile of  a fan was a 35-44 yr.old
married male with a high school diploma,a homeowner,and listing 'professional' as his future career goal. Today 39 % more women and the demographics show a farther reaching territorial scope.  Simeon McCarty was one of these 'nouve richaeu'..he loved racing.  After a trip to Sparta,Ky. racetrack he said of the awesome power,
concentration and superior athleticism of the drivers ,''It is an amazing experience to see and hear 43 separate 700+ horsepower engines roaring and zooming toward the finish line pushing 200 mph.  It 
is unforgettable.''
''I don't drive fast in real life or crave that experience.  I just admire those who have made it an art form.''Nick added.  ''There are no prima-donnas in Nascar .  They earn what they get each week.''
He like many,said of Dale Earnhardt,Sr.  "He is the American dream.....worked hard, came from humbleness,earned the respect of the world,died rich and a hero.''            
Nicholas followed the statistics of each race car driver and could tell you all about  their career but he especially admired  the Earnhardt's and Dale Earnhardt Interprises (DEI) and hoped to visit their
headquarters and home in Kanapolis.

Nicholas continues about 'Racing''. Also read about Nicholas'love for
collecting and his extensive array of first edition, exclusive Dale 
Earnhardt pieces, including the most famous Monte Carlo's in coll-
ecting history, DEI haulers,posters,books. ,magazines..,completely
life-like figurines of the Earnhardts,amazing array of shirts,caps,
and beautiful designer Earnhardt,Sr.and Jr., Bill Elliott,Dale Jarrett,
Michael Waltrip,and Kevin Harvick jackets.
All of his highly collectible paper things have never been opened.  All his 100+ race cars have only been touched by Nicholas and have 
their papers and original boxes in perfect condition.  Nothing in his
extensive and varied collection sold for less than $100 when he collected each piece.  When interviewed about Nicholas' collection,
his father,Sim told us:  ''He has about everything Earnhardt'.
He had the Monte Carlo,Chevrolet in a Nascar mahogany wall-
mounted glass-door cabinet.  He had bought  another 50 carrier
mahogany spinning display cabinet but seemed reticent to go on 
and use it.  He preferred to keep everything in its box and put each piece back in his locked storage area after looking at it.  On several
races I could see that he had out the car that matched the race.
Sometimes I passed his door and he would be lying on the floor with
a few lined up.''
Since then I have added another beautiful cabinet as he had picked.It holds 50 racecars with accent lighting around the collection. '' Sim added.  "I think 
Nick would be pleased with what we have done."  Friends and family are invited to tour Nicholas McCarty's home which includes an awesome music 
collection,vast DVD movie collection,collector edition books,Elvis collection, and all kinds of memoribilia.

''In racing,personalities are involved.'' Nick explained.  ''Each driver,team owner, and even the car have their own personality that come out during and between races/events.  That creates interesting stuff on/off the track.''
''''Then you have things going on like the Championship. They are racing for points and the win.''

Hannah says:
Here  there was no love more genuine than mine
And my love was innocent and pure
No more grieving, for my legacy is pleasure
Nor  was it meant in any small measure
All my memories please eternally ensure
Here comes Nick,we're going to the future!"
The End
Grieving for Nicholas is like a fingerprint,an 
impression on my skin...
Sim,Bradley,and I do not grieve the same within.
One expresses sorrow through sharing; the other two
with tears and song......
It clearly seems unique for each,;  there is no right 
or wrong.
For Nick we have grieved in privacy as well as shared.
We have found peace in prayer.
Sometimes we cry for different reasons.
We're affected by holidays and changing seasons.
So if there is a special date which has caused sorrow...
WE pamper what is felt inside,Nicholas, and put it off until 
Grieving for you,our sweet Nicholas,tears at our mind
and soul......
WE do it in baby steps a very gentle goal.
Grieving is a fingerprint.  Simeon Nicholas McCarty.,
our precious child,our handsome son,has left his
impression on our broken heart......
Our memories are  The McCarty's  fingerprints to
express with while we're apart.

Nick McCarty cradles a model car in his hands.''This
was my first piece,'' he says of the Monte Carlo replica.  ''This started it all.''   Fall 2004.
The display has the feel of a its owner as much as the cars and racers it portrays.
Since buying his first diecast about 5 years ago Nicholas has packed his collection  with a cache of Nascar memorbilia that is surely a most impressive 
private American collection.  Everything is left as secure and loving as if Nick's hands  and heart were still enveloping it....

Wishes for my Family in the time ahead:
To my mom, dad, and brother,I wish you  patience,patience with yourselves in the days,weeks, months,even years   ahead.
To my  brother Bradley, I wish you and our parents a new understanding of each other's needs and the beginnings of good communications.
To mom,dad, and Bradley,who are plagued with guilt,  I wish you the 
reassurance that you did the  very best you could under the circumstances and that I knew that.
To my dad.,especially, who is deeply depressed,I wish you the first
steps out of the "valley of the shadow."
To mama, daddy, and my brother, who are experiencing family,friendship
loving, and forgiveness  difficulties,.I wish you a special willingness and ability to communicate with and love each other and accept the love of others.
Because of my age I was almost thought of as the three of yours ' child.
Your  profound grief is so real and extensive  that it is if I were an only child:  I offer an eternal gratitude for  serving for such an inspiration to the rest of the world, mom,dad,and my brother, Bradley.
To dad I wish you healing tears.
To mom, Nancy, daddy Sim, and Bradley, who are tired, exhausted from
grieving, I wish you the strength to face just one more hour, just one 
more day.
I,your loving son, Nick, wish you the understanding you need and the reassurance that you are loved.

Nick,you're our big man and we;re lost
without you.
When you left Bradley's house that Sat, afternoon and
got out of your dad's car
that night they had no idea they were
watching you enter eternity.
You sang "Daddy Don"t Cry" in your Elvis
voice with that handsome head turned in
a way.
You were sure to leave a striking pose!.
History has you wearing that
devil-may-care ,
disarming smile of yours . Daddy relives
those moments over and over
you told
each other,"I love you!"
You drove me to Mam-ma's. We laughed
at how entertaining and funny you were.
You mimicked and mugged,we ate,you told
funny stories and acted them out like
any good
stand-up comic. You also talked with confidence,poise and intellect.
We thought life could never be bad then.
Mama has thought maybe you would
come home. It couldn't be my young,
beautiful son in that box. We think you may
be at the door any minute!
We love you with the most intense and
fierce love!!

The hosting of this website is sponsored by SIM,NANCY,and BRADLEY MCCARTY

''Nick's Birthday''
Happy Birthday to Simeon Nicholas
Trying to rhyme that name is ridiculous
He's always been a special guy
The major thing is, he had to die.
It was July of seventy-nine
When Nicholas was born and
hearts entertwined
He came into the world at 7lb.3
And filled the 3 of us with glee
Two sons, Nick and Bradley
One no longer with us, sadly
Both are unique and special guys
The major difference is their size.

We had Nick till June ,last year
Before then,black clouds never
From then till this empty birthday
Broken hearts, I can't
begin to say
Bradley is lost withour his brother
One memory heaped upon another.
He works to help us carry on
Through this veil of tears to dawn
But Bradley was at his best with Nick
A brother,friend, always the cook to pick.
We celebrate Nick and Bradley, the two
Make today a happy memory ,,,,,,is

what we must do.....
July 25,2006
27 today Big Man!

N.I.C.K. says:
Never think that I didn't love you,though
It may be hard at times for you to know:
Castles must be built with sweat and tears;
Know,family,I'm yours for all your years.;

''Above all mom,'' Nicholas said almost reverantly,
''As they pass they are a huge colorful blur that is
so loud it vibrates in my chest.....EVERYTHING SHAKES as they thunder by.
''So you see mom you can't call yourself a racer by
picking the cutest driver or the color of his hair or the car ( a theme he often came back to in my defense of Jeff Gordon.  ''You can't expect the same guy to win every week and be mad when he didn't.  Every team out there is there because they
are highly competitive, smart,efficient --looking for the win''!)






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